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England Sevens Rugby home & away shirts 2013/14

These are nothing if not bold. Rugby sevens is, to no surprise, not as popular as rugby union, and the England rugby sevens side now take the opportunity to wear less traditional kits to distinguish themselves from those of the full team (see here and here), and also to “represent the fluidity and speed of the game,” as manufacturers Canterbury explain here.

These immediately remind me of the current Umbro Huddersfield Town goalkeeper kits (black, yellow, green), although the geometric patterns on those are much more subtle. Here, Canterbury are being deliberately explicit with their design.

For what it’s worth, I really like the home kit. I think the pixellated rose is quite a nice feature, and is nicely distinguishable from the plain white home shirt of the full rugby union side. The away kit is slightly too messy, and doesn’t have as much relevance to being a shirt representing a nation, as much as just providing a shirt which shouldn’t clash with many others (which, I suppose, is it’s real purpose).

They are certainly not the worst kits I have ever seen.


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